Early understanding of markets is a critical step in planning and partnering. Our superior skills in assessing opportunities and translating this to strategic action can move your company forward. 
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Strategic guidance for dozens of start-ups with pharmaceuticals, medical device and platform technologies
Early commercial planning for pharmaceutical and medical device products
Two product launches, two company acquisitions
Negotiated 7 licensing agreements, 3 research collaborations

"Carolyn's strong strategic skills, her in-depth scientific knowledge and commitment to detail all contribute to the high quality of her deliverables. "

-Director, New Product Planning, Pharmaceutical Company

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Extensive start-up experience, prior background in marketing and market analysis at Roche and Pfizer.  Former President, Janus Pharmaceuticals, SVP Business Development Cell-Matrix, VP Business Xencor, VP Business Development Alpha Therapeutic.

Target Product Profile
Positioning and Messaging
Competitive Matrix

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Partner analysis & strategy
Deal comparables analysis

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Portfolio Prioritization
Competitive Intelligence
Business plan preparation

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Market Strategy

Licensing & BusDev

Strategic Analysis

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